RoSal’s restaurant is a dream imagined so many years ago by Roseanne and Salvatore Perry.  Rose and Sol both grew up in Chicago’s Little Italy, just a few blocks from one another– Roseanne in her grandfather’s four-flat, a few blocks away from Taylor & Loomis, and Sol on Taylor & Carpenter.  As they grew up their lives were rich with an abundance of family and food nearby. In fact, Salvatore was raised working in his parent’s Italian bakery where he made bread before and after school.  At 17, he bought his own grocery store, Sol’s West Side Foods on Taylor Street.  Sol was known for the freshest meat in the city and the heartiest welcome anyone could find.  Their pasts are from Little Italy and Taylor Street; their present lives, their hearts and their futures will forever be Little Italy and Taylor Street.

Life and family took them out of the city, and in the early part of 1990, Rose and Sol decided it was time for a change. Their next pursuit lead them to their first true love– cooking, eating and letting others in on their truly special flair for entertaining.  As the tale goes, Roseanne literally packed up her kitchen and moved it back to Taylor Street.  Both Rose and Sol had a great passion for food, friends and family, although neither of them knew anything about running a restaurant.  Through sweat, laughter and a few dropped pots, their dedication lead them down a path that continues to inspire us today.

In time, as the word of this charming nine-table restaurant spread throughout the neighborhood, Roseanne conceded that more help in the kitchen was needed.  Enter Anival. Anival became part of the family in early 1991.  He grew up learning and working in most of the Taylor Street kitchens, so it didn’t take long for Roseanne to teach him all of her recipes, which had been passed down from loved ones dating back over 100 years.

Linda, our top server/manager, came to us in 1995. What would we do without her?  Linda’s love of our customers, and her passion to please make us who we are today.  Many years later, our lives have been enriched because of her dedication and who she is.

Our family business continues to expand in the hands of Cynthia & Joe Fulco, along with their children Alexz Rose, Joseph and Giovanna.   For the last decade, Joe & Cyndi continue the dream through the same love of family, friends and food.   Although Salvatore & Roseanne are still an intricate part of the preparation of all the food served at RoSal’s; they are now starting to pursue their love of travel and spending more time with their grandchildren and friends.  You will still come across Sol, Rose and Joe at the market several times a week, picking the finest ingredients so that Anival can prepare your meal fresh when ordered.

After more than 26 years, because of YOU, our guests, this still feels like a dream!


Come in and pinch us… we can’t wait to seat you.

Warmest regards,

Roseanne, Sol, Cynthia & Joe, and
On behalf of our entire RoSal’s family & staff