Join us for a fabulous night of food, friends, feelings & fashion

June 12th

Feng Shui Color Enhancer

Hottest Swimsuit, Cover-ups & Accessories for Summer

Dinner at 6:45

$21.95 per person for dinner & dessert

(does not include tax, gratuity or alcoholic drinks)



Laurie Pawli has a passion for Feng Shui and thrives on creating peaceful spaces for homes & businesses.   Ms. Pawli is the Founder and Director of The Feng Shui School of Chicago.  She is the author of the Feng Shui Tip of the Month, and will release her first book this summer.


Laurie says; Envision that each morning you jump out of bed with a positive outlook, and energy to face the day!  Using the proper color can instantly impact sleeping, romance, career, and your personal energy.  Learn how to use, and feel, the vibrations of Feng Shui Color to analyze and improve the flow in your life. Laurie Pawli, Feng Shui School of Chicago, will take you through the process to decide what colors are best to enhance your energy.


Donna West is a buyer and Fashion Stylist for Londo Mondo.


Donnas’ expertise in swimwear fitting can dramatically change how you look and feel on the beach or at the pool.  She will discuss this summer’s mission:   Find the Right swimsuit for your body type!


Donna will do this by styling 3 volunteer dinner guests in this summers

hottest swimwear, cover-ups and accessories.  So,  we need volunteers ladies.  If you or a friend are joining us for Chick Chat Night on June 12th and are interested in a  swimwear makeover to share with the group, contact Donna West at 312-505-4432